Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mo minis...

Hi there,

After big break I've finally manage my time to write something down. I'll not post any pic of my latest painted mini or wip, because right now we're painting Blood Crushers in a TBB competition. I'm really hoping that this Friday I'll finish my beast. It's almost finished. From Saturday I'm going back to regular painting and showing my wips, so stay tuned. ;) Next month we've got painting contest - Hussar 2010 on which all members of TBB will participate. This weekend I'll work on a small Necron diorama. Right now I'm waiting for a Necron Lord with ressurection Orb. Hopefully the postman will bring him tomorrow. I really looking for it. From a while I have a desire to paint this miniature.

I'll show you pics in near future. In next week it's time to paint already prepared Reclusiarch. I think thats all from me for today.


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