Monday, August 8, 2011

Contempor Dreadnought review


Last week I've received Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought from Forge World. First of all I'm very satisfied with the resin quality. After some bad experience with former models this model have only few small form displaccements. I must admit that he's a big cookie. I've ordered two models, first will go to ebay soon after Urien. Second one will be painted for my BA army. With the last one for me I'll change storm bolter for melta and maybe work on Blood Talons from current Furioso Dreadnought kit.

What is the best about this model beside fancy look? It's great to have opportunity to give legs new pose!



  1. Sweet looking pose. Very much "your next!".

  2. Have to agree its a cracking model, just got mine in the post today. What chapter are you painting the first model tht you are putting on Ebay?

  3. It will have marking of the Blood Angels chapter. I've finished basing armour with airbrush. I'll post some progress pictures when I finish him next week.

  4. About the airbrushing; Do you think that the citadel paint-gun is good enough for let's say the work you did on your space wolves terminator, or is a "real" airbrush required for that kind of work?

  5. Good question. I didn't use GW's spray gun but IMHO it's a waste of money. Airbrush and compressor aren't expensive these days. You can get a starter set for around 120 - 150 $ and with it you will have a full control of the paint flow. As for the GW's product you have to be aware that you only have a trigger there. Secondly you have to purchase GW's air in the can to use spray gun. Tricky? ;) Buy regular airbrush and will will not be disapointed. This month I've purchased H&S Silverline Evolution and that's a hot tool!