Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blood Angels Librarian with Storm Shield


It's been a while since I've posted my latest mini. Looking back it was January... It's not that I didn't paint anything but I didn't have enought time to make proper pics. Till today I've finished all my "open projects" from the past, which I'm very happy about. This plastic librarian comes from Space Hulk and is a one which I usually play with. So far I've used a regular one with storm bolter. Storm Shield option with Terminator armour is a IMHO good choice for BA librarian. Maybe the quality isn't highest but it suits me for my army standard.

Right now I'm cleaning and preparing Tyranid Tervigon. This is my next project on which I will work on in a nearest future.


  1. great blog, and fantastic work. gave been following you for a long time now.

    i'm just getting into painting mini's for myself (i don't play but like to paint and collect), and have always been good at this sort of thing. i know all about the basics of painting miniatures... the only thing i'm having a hard time getting down is the fine-lining on the edges of the armor (the lighter shades).

    can you recommend a good technique and brush size for this/what you do to achieve such fine lines?

    any help is much appreciated. keep up the great work.

    1. Hi, happy you like our blog:)

      I would suggest painting them with the side of you brush. I use Winsor & Newton, size 1 brush for this sort of things (and for much more, those brushes are amazing:) ) It's much easier to control the paint while painting edges, using this technique than to paint them in a normal way:)

      here, I made in paint xD a little picture showing what I'm trying to say:)


      hope that helps (if not, dont hesitate to ask)


  2. thanks for the tip and for the paint image :D

    works like a charm.