Saturday, May 4, 2013

Preacher of Nurgle - Version II

Hello everyone.
I want to present you my second preacher model of Nurgle, I spent on it a little more time than on the first, I hope that it is visible. Feel free to write an opinion, whether you like or not.

Model will soon be available for purchase



  1. This is as close to perfection as it gets.
    The robe looks like you used color pencils, or colored it with photoshop.
    What did you use for the bubbles in the slime?

  2. Glad you like it, when it comes to pictures this are only sharper in Gimp 2. I painted robes only brush.
    I used to do bubbles, silicone gel with the a shoe box.

  3. Hi LUK !
    I'm following your blog since a long time, and I've seen many figures of you, but this one... This guy is really really good.

    He looks dirty and dusty as Nurgle Should be ! And your lightning effects on the bones and scrolls are marvelous.

    I like it very much ! Could we have a day a picture with both of your preachers ?

    Alskayer, from the Manufactorum.

  4. Hi Alskayer
    Thanks for your words of appreciation are the best reward for the painter.
    Photo both preachers will be available soon on the blog.

  5. I like this palette of colours, it's very warm greens, yellows, oranges and then contrast with the colder green slime basing. Fantastic work my friend!

  6. Wonderful! Papa Nurgle would be very proud :)