Sunday, June 2, 2013

RED's small Silver and Gold NMM tutorial.


I made this tutorial because some people asked me about the colors that I use for silver and Golden NMM. Here you will find the answers but this tutorial only covers what colors to use. In near future I'm planing to make a another tutorial about NMM but with all the details you need to know how to plan the highlights to achieve the final effect. OK now lets focus on those colors.

Silver NMM

For this I'm using:
  • Chaos Black,
  • Mechanicus Standard Grey,
  • A old Rackham paint Steel Grey (I know this one is hard to get but from what I know you can swap this one for a Vallejo Model Color Steel Grey),
  • Skull White,

First I'm preparing the colors so I can easy work with them.

  1. A mix of Chaos Black and Mechanicus Standard Grey (proportions 1:1)
  2. Pure Mechanicus Standard Grey,
  3. Mix of Mechanicus Standard Grey and Steel Grey (1:1)
  4. Pure Steel Grey,
  5. Mix of Steel Grey and Skull White (1:1),
  6. Pure Skull White.

OK here you have a step by step how to make highlights.
Step one: Color 1 used for the darkest shades/primmer.
Step two: Highlight with color 2 and then a highlight with color 3 (unfortunately I had a crappy photo of highlight with color 2 so I'm sorry for skipping this stage),
Step three: Highlight with color 4,
Step four: Highlight with color 5 and a glaze with color 4 (I do this to archive a pure color 4 because it is crucial to for the Silver to have its blue color and bright colors are more saturated on white surfaces), and then a further highlight with color 5,
Step five: Final highlights with color 6. At this stage a made some blinks to add light reflexes.

Golden NMM

For Golden NMM I'm using:
  • Chaos Black,
  • Regal Blue,
  • Snakebite Leather (this one is hard to get because Games Workshop changed its pallet and the new paint is different, I don't have a solution for this because I have almost full pot of Snakebite and it will take some time before I will search for a new one. Unfortunately this color is crucial for the Golden NMM effect),
  • Bleached Bone,
  • Skull White.

OK again I'm preparing the colors for painting.
  1. Mix of Chaos Black, Regal Blue and Snakebite Leather (1:1:1)
  2. Mix of Regal Blue and Snakebite Leather (1:1)
  3. Pure Snakebite Leather,
  4. Mix of Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone (1:1),
  5. Pure Bleached Bone,
  6. Pure Skull White.

Step by step how to paint Golden NMM:
Step one: Base with color 1,
Step two: First highlight with color 2,
Step three: Second highlight with color 3,
Step four: Highlight with color 4,
Step five: Glaze with color 3 to soften the transition and achieve a nice pure color 4,
Step six: Highlight with color 4 to further add some brighter color,
Step seven: Highlight with color 5,
Final Step: Final highlight with color 6 and at this stage I'm adding blinks and some edge highlights.

OK ant that is all :D. I hope this will help someone to try and paint NMM because its not that hard to do it :D.



  1. zdecydowanie wykorzystam ten tutorial - dzieki!

  2. Very good explanatory tutorials has helped me, thank you