Friday, September 20, 2013

Luz - New York - WIP 1.0

Today I want to show you my progress on a model that I wanted to paint for this year's Hussar competition. About a year ago I have bought Nocturna models figure called Luz New York. Its a model based on Luis Royo's artworks. I am a big fan of him and when I saw this one I could not resist to buy and paint this miniature.
I wanted to paint it so it will be as close to Royo's artworks. Here you can see some artworks. 

And now for my miniature.

At this point I finished her black cape and I have started working on her skin. There is much work to do on this miniature but I have much fun painting her and experimenting. I want her to be painted in a realistic style and this is something new for me. So what do you think ?? Any comments are welcome as always.


  1. Nice a$$. Really smooth transitions and nice contrast:D

  2. That ass