Thursday, February 13, 2014

Slayer Lord - WIP


I wanted to show you on what miniature am I working now. It’s a new Slayer for the WFB Dwarf army. I like this mini very much and I have much fun painting him. There are some things I must fix but I hope to finish him around the end of this week. 

Tell me what you think and as always all comments are welcome :D



  1. I love it, the skin tone looks very natural. Do you mind if I ask what colours you used to achieve that?

    1. I'm happy you like him. For the skin I used Talaran flesh as the mail color and I shaded it with a mix of Talaran Flesh and some small amounts of Regal Blue and Blood Red. The highlights ware done using some mixes of Talaran Flesh and Bleched bone and then only Bleched bone. Finally I used some Skull White on areas that ware supposed to be very bright. i hope this helps.

    2. Thanks for that. It's really effective, I'll have to try it. :) My skin tones always come out a little too orangey

    3. No problem. With Bleched Bone you will get a more realistic feel to the skin but i encourage you to experiment with colors because there are many ethnic tones. Next week I will try to make a tutorial about painting a face for a 54mm so I hope there you will find some reference of how to paint skin.