Monday, April 28, 2014

Finished project: Head Honcho (gorkamorka)

Hello World! As planned, my Head Honcho is finished. Today I would like to share some pics of the painted model and also a continuation of my small step by step tutorial. On the second image you will find few digits, recipe how to paint them you can find bellow.
Paints from light to dark. All from GW's range.
01 - yellows - skull white + yriel yellow, yriel yellow, averland sunset (mid tone), averland sunset + snakebite leather, snakebite leather; battle damage - skull white + yriel yellow, mournfang brown
02 - brass (mithril silver, mithril silver + shining gold, shining gold, hashut cooper (mid tone), agrax earthshade; oxyide - temple guard blue, sotek green
03 - silver - mithril silver, boltgun metal (mid tone), agrax earthshade; battle damage - mithril silver, rhinox hide + chaos black
04 - bandage - bleached bone, bleached bone + tallarn flesh, tallarn flesh (mid tone), seraphin sepia
05 - hairs - bleached bone, bleached bone + mournfang brown, mournfang brown (mid tone), fuegan orange, reikland fleshshade
06 - trousers - dhebab stone + charadon granite, charadon granite (mid tone), reikland fleshshade
07 - skin - bleached bone + camo green, camo green, camo green + gretchin green, gretchin green (mid tone), gretchin green + snakebite leather, leviatan purple
08 - mouth: lips - skull white, leviatan purple, camo green, skull white (mid tone); teeth - bleached bone, seraphine sepia, skull white
09 - band - chaos black, skull white + yriel yellow
10 - leather - dhebab stone + skrag brown, skrag brown (mid tone), mournfang brown, coelia greenshade, leviatan purple wash; battle damage - dhebab stone + skrag brown, rhinox hide + chaos black

My question is, was that kind of step by step tutorial useful for you or should I search for another form of presentation?

In the end, I just wanted to say that my upcoming project will be a Ultramarine. Got few models, but I didn't decided which one want to paint first. Thanks for watching.
Gimiak's out.
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