Saturday, May 22, 2010

Battle damage tutorial

some time ago I made a little tutorial about making battle damage using masking fluid and pastels.

the first step was to paint an entire area that we want to be demaged with a rusty color (I used a mix of brown, black and red)

now it's time to put some masking fluid. I used some kind of sponge used for aquariums... but you can use anything sponge-like or of irregular shape. I tried to make some big chips with some small around so that it looks more random and natural,

when everything's dry just cover it with a color you'd like to be battle damaged:)

Now rub of the fluid using rubber or blutac

As you see it's starting to look better. Your next step is to to paint every bottom edge of all your chips with brighter tone of your base color (you can use white for light base colors, as i did) . It looks like there is light straight from the top of the battle damage. It can be quite time consuming but it's worht it.

To make it look more 3D I made some shadows on top of every chip using black

Ok and the last but not least. Take some dry pastels (you can buy them in all art shops), cruble some and put where you want, just to make it look dirty. I decided to leave a little space between battle damage and the pastels because I think it looks even more 3D.

So that's how it looks finished. now you need to apply a matt spray verniks. I hope it helps anyone!


  1. It's very good you posted this tutorial and I hope it will help other painters on the road to perfection.

  2. Grea effect! Thank you for this nice little tutorial! Will definetely try it!

  3. This is awesome, really enjoying your stuff on here.
    Want to use this method on my Warriors of Chaos army. Any advice doing this on smaller areas like chaos knights?

  4. Ahm... I've try this with one of my BA terminators and the effect wasn't satifying. Maybe I've used a bad sponge. But at overall it's a very good method. Loler use it on his marines so after his arrival from holidays he'll probably write someting about it.

  5. Hi. Glad you like it:)
    You can achieve smaller chips by putting very little of the masking fluid on the sponge. Just wipe it to leave only a little so that it will be easier to controll on smaller areas.
    Also try different kinds of sponges to find your favourite one:)
    I've tried painting space marines with this method, will try to post some pics of them and write sth more in few days:)

  6. Thanks for the reply's Gimiak and loler.
    I plan to start my painting over next few weeks after my holiday. Look forward to seeing anything you do get done first, might give me more confidence!

  7. The bottom 2 photos dont work for me... :(

  8. Loler will put fix this problem today. Sorry for inconvenience. On beginning we weren't sure where tu put pics - blogger or other sources (imgsmack ;)).

  9. ok, should be ok now:) sry for the problem

  10. This is the best battle damage tutorial!