Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Terrain project: Red canyon

Hi folks, Gimiak here.

This is actually my first terrain project which I have made around one year ago. I was trying to achieve a red canyon effect and the end result was quite good.

At the beginning I cut STYRODURE in to smaller elements and glue them together with white glue for wood (Wikol, Patex). After couple of hours (when glue has dry) I've started to give my canyon a shape using hobby knife.

Then I have mixed white glue with water and small amount of sand. Using a large, cheap brush from local Hobby and Garden store (like Castorama, Obi etc.) I start to 'paint' the entire terrain with previously created mix.

When this glue-thing-mix have dried I paint the entire project with a black undercoat. Nowadays I would rather use Scorched Brown and Chaos Black (2:1) mix rather than pure black, which would look better.

Then I have painted the whole area with Bestial Brown and Scab Red 1:1 mix.

Using an old brush I have drybrushed the rocks with Vermin Brown and the earth with Blood Red.

Bleached Bone paint was the last coat which I have drybrushed over the rocks.

Maybe not a superb terrain project, but when you create few of those terrains the whole area will look very nicely. I hope you like it.

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