Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Death Company member finished

Hi, Gimiak here.

I finally manage some time to paint another member of my Death Company. There's only two left and the whole squad of ten men will be completed. I'll try to finish these guys till the end of the month.

During painting of this miniature I've try few new things. One of them, on which I'm very proud of, is the parchment on the left shoulder pad and purity seal. Below you will find paints which I have used to paint it.

The whole model was painted with 1:1 mix of the Chaos Black and Regal Blue. Then on the parchment I've used Dheneb Stone Citadel Foundation paint. Afterwards in the recesses I've put watered down Khemri Brown Citadel Foundation paint to give the evect of the shadow. The last two coats (highlights) was: Bleached Bone and Skull White. That's al for today. ;)

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