Monday, June 28, 2010

Rusty gold tutorial

Almost one year ago I've started to collect my SM army. I've an idea to have drop pods instead of the Rhinos. The most important thing was that I wanted to have a 'real' looking pods, which wasn't an easy thing because of the lack of drop pods in real life. There was only one pod in SM codex (White Scars), which looked quite nice, but my idea was to push weathering and battle damage to the next level. With the brush and paints I've started to develop my pods. In this tutorial I'll only write about 'rusty gold' because many people ask me how have I done it.

I've used following paints and brushes:
Chaos Black Spray
Scorched Brown
Shining Gold
Mithril Silver
Devlan Mud Wash
Badab Black Wash

Citadel Large Brush
Citadel Drybrush Medium

All products came from Games Workshop range. Of course you could paint it with Vallejo etc. It's up to you. :)

In one of the GW books there was introduction to the stipping method and looking at my effect I must admit that it's the same method. I've prepared this tutorial while painting my Razorbacks, but the method could be adapted to any model. Especially for tanks and pods. ;)

After the basecoating with Chaos Black spray I've mix Shining Gold and Scorched Brown 1:1 and cover the whole area. Large Brush was used. Next step is to give two coats of Devlan Mud Wash on the entire area. On the bottom of the elements and in all recesses you can also put some Badab Black wash.

When all of the washes dry we can go further with our painting. Now the entire process will go very fast. Take a little bit of Shining Gold paint on Medium Drybrush brush and leave almost all of the paint on the paper. Instead you can just drybrush the paint on the paper. Same method.

When you got almost dry brush start to stipple paint on the element. Leave some space of the clear area to achieve good looking finished effect.

Next step is mix Shining Gold with Mithril Silver 3:1 and follow the same steps written before. One important difference is to begin painting with this mix at the half of the painted element and follow in the upper section.

If you like the effect you can stop here, but if you would like to give more contrast you can stipple pure Mithril Silver.

And that's it.


In some of the cases it's good to add stains. In real life it looks pretty cool on the model. ;) Look for recesses and bolts and vertically paint stains. Below you will find effect of my work while I was painting Land Raider Crusader /Reedemer.

To achieve this effect I've used following washes (in order of painting). All from the Games Workshop range.
Gryphonne Sepia
Ogryn Flesh
Devlan Mud
Badab Black

That's all from me. Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad english. I hope that this tutorial will help people to achive similar of better 'rusty' effect.


  1. Thanks for sharing the tutorials with your readers!

    That's a really good one and well illustrated, which makes it easier to achieve similar effects.

    Maybe it doesn't look much like gold, but more like dirty and rusty steel. For dirty gold, the most accurate would be the photo after applying a 3:1 mix of Shining Gold with Mithril Silver.

    Good job and waiting for more :)

    Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

  2. I'd really like to know what method do you paint red. I just LOVE it!

  3. This so called 'mini' was painted with regular brush. I've painted it with Scab Red as a basis.

  4. Really impressive stuff with this army.
    Loving these methods for rusty/dirty metal/gold finish. Looking to do a very rusty warriors of chaos army and a death guard army so this will be a massive help as like the finish.

    Look forward to more tutorials

  5. I'm glad this tutorial could help you with your army. We'll state new tutorials in 'near' future. ;)

  6. Woa, nice tutorial, and nice blog man. Added to my blogroll ;D

  7. thx for this tutorial. I realy like this effect and i will use it for my Grey Knights , dzięki!!!