Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lelith Hesperax - late WIP


It was a long time that I posted something here. I started to paint that Kaldor Dragio model that I mentioned earlier but during painting I didn't have the strength to paint that model and maybe its because some time ago I painted 5 Grey Knight Terminators. I wanted to paint a good sculpt and I have chosen the new Lelith Hesperax model. I like this model because she is dynamic and has nice details and also is a part of my Dark Eldar army.

I wanted her to have some oldschool colors because I started playing Dark Eldar when they ware red and not so dark as now. Here you have some photos of how she looks like now.

The is lots of work to do and I must fix some things, model and paint the base.

Stay tuned for more progress.



  1. Great skintone, awesome color scheme. Be carefull though about the pink-purple-brown colors: they blend nicely into one whole, but from afar they might just blend a bit too well, especially with the skin, and thus make it hard to discern details? Does that make sense? Have some really outstanding spot color, I guess...

  2. looks great. I love the look of the leg armour

  3. Sexy :-D Looking forward to see it finished. BtwI'm not quite sure what's happeing above the left eye?

  4. *Dims - I wanted her to have a look good as a whole so i chose to paint with those colors. an yeas your comment makes sense so I will keep that in mind.
    *Tyr - I'm not sure my self and thats why this place will have some attention of my brush.

    Thx for the comments.


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