Thursday, November 17, 2011

Few pics from my bag - Sternguard Veteran and Gabriel Seth


It's been a loong time since my last post, unfortunately due to some health issues I wasn't able post anything. In time of net silance I was hard working on two models - fifth Sternguard Veteran and Gabriel Seth. Both models are for my Blood Angels army. So far I didn't finished backpacks for my vets, but I'll do it in near future. As for the current projects, I have a plan to finish my last two open projects - fifth Drop Pod and a BA Dreadnought. Looking ath my work schedule I'll finish this projects around middle of December. My next project will be Garagrim Ironfist from the Dwarfs range.

One from the coolest dwarf models. As for the BA models, I was experimenting with red. This time I didn't used airbrush for the red. Yep, that's it. Till next time.


  1. Piękny płaszczyk, świetnie wyszedł kontrast z czerwonym pancerzem.

  2. WOW you say you didnt airbrush the red! thats some seriously amazing skills!

    and i really like the sort of weathering!