Saturday, November 19, 2011

Master of Imagination!

Last weekend We were in Lublin, Poland at Master of Imagination competiotion. And it was awesome! What is always the best in those events is that I could see and talk to all those great people again (and meet some new:) .

Apart from painting competition we could all spend some time... painting together!:) cool experience, for example Slawol showed me his methods for making blood! thanks mate:)
Some of the painters (including me) were doing some lessons. And there was speed painting competiotion:) And lots more great atractians:)
Here are some pics:)

some of participants and jury:)
(Rakso, Eliasz, Ignis, me, Rapta, mr. Denial, Slawol, Jerzyk and Smok)
speed painting
Slawol teaching:)
Rapta's classes
school of Camel
Rapta sleeping during classes:)
me, making scenic base
me getting one of the rewards:)
After Party! (there were more of us but there aren't many photos)

Oh and my results!

I was lucky enough to win gold in large model, gold in sigle sci fi and silver in single fantasy. And I won Grand Prinx! YAY!:D And I won some great miniatures as rewards. Lovely miniatures, I'll show them to you next time (now I can't take a picture of them)
eldar, gold and grand prinx

skaven, silver

bloodcrusher, gold
and the Grand Prinx!!
(my precious!)

GREAT weekend, can't wait to Master of Imagination 2012! Hope to see youe there!
That would be all:)


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