Sunday, April 22, 2012

Model Show, Wrocław 2012

Last week me and Czys were at Model Show in Wrocław. It was mostly a historical competition with more than 280 entries in almost 30 categories. There was competition for seniors, younger painters (>16 years old) and the youngest (for children like 5 years old:). It surprised me when I saw that so many young modelers are out there, it definietely shows that our hobby is safe:)
During the event there were some tutorials on how to paint with airbrush, how to use pigments and some more techniques. Also you had a chance to take part in a course to become a modeling judge.
Of course there was also a shoping room, with hundrets of different models, paints and all the great stuff that we like:) I bought a 1:35 soviet tank model and box of soldiers to assist it;) Next year I'll enter a mini diorama with them.
This event has shown me the part of this hobby that was unknown for me. Historic models are great, but so different than wargames miniatures. Definietely I want to try myself this side of hobby.

As for this years Model Show me and Czys entered the Sci-fi category. I was lucky enough to get gold and Czys won silver:)

I took some photos, unfortunately not really good but I'll show them anyway:D

And here are some photos not taken by me :D


And my photos:
(click to enlarge)

that would be all:)
hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Widzę, że było na co popatrzeć =D
    Loler, poszerzyła Ci się strefa hobby?!

  2. hej:)
    czy się poszerzyła to jeszcze zobaczymy:) Zrobię pewną dioramkę, a jak się wkręcę to na niej się nie zakończy:)