Sunday, December 16, 2012

Andrea Miniatures Mila Kusanagi - Review


As a brake from painting my Dark Eldar army I have bought a model that I wanted to paint from the day it was released. I always wanted to paint a larger scale model because I think it must be fun and ant should be very challenging for a miniature painter and my choice was a Mila Kusanagi model from Adrea miniatures Dark Nova range.

Here you can see the inside of this box.

As you can see the model is built of 5 parts and a base. The parts fit well together and the model has a very good cast and it had very small mold lines and sometimes I had problems with finding them.

The model has 65mm (1:32) and its big to paint so it will be quite a challenge for me but I have some ideas what to make with so much lat surfaces. Here you can see a size comparison with my fire Dragon Exarch model. 


I was surprised how much nice detail and had the face and many the whole model as you can see on the next photo. 

So overall in my opinion the kit is grate and I want to paint this model very much but for now I'm working on 3 Venoms for my Dark Eldar army and this lady must wait in line. And I can add that I will buy more Andrea models in future because this one is very nice.


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