Friday, April 12, 2013

Polish painting meeting

Hi all!
Last week we had a little painting weekend. Karol Rudyk (our host), Camelson, Lan, Piotr, C'tan (fantasygames) (CLICK THEIR NAMES TO VISIT THEIR PAGES) and I met in one place, in Karol's home in Elbląg (lovely town by the sea). We all arrived on Friday and stayed till Sunday. Our goal was to sit and paint together, play some games on xbox and maybe drink something:)
On Friday we were all tired after the journey (took me 9 hours to get to Ebląg from my city) so we decided not to paint anything that day. We spent the time playing Mortal Kombat on Karol's xbox, and even had a tournament, that finally was won by Lan (I was so close to beating him in the final!).

From the left: Karol, Camelson, C'tan, me and Lan
Playing the tounament (notice Karol's Face!)

 The Winner!!
(collecting his price- a pizza sauce)

Sutrday! The day we did actually paint (who would think, right?)
Shots from Karol's studio.

Piotrek, me and C'tan, painting vigorously:)

That's not a real elephant.

airbrush can be bad for your health
 Aaaaaand we're back to playing Mortal Kombat, and eating and everything that is not connected to miniatures. We deserved that, after painting together for almost whole day!

To sup up. We had a great, even amazing time that weekend. Really looking forward for the next one (dont know when, but it will certainly take place:) )

Now you know how a Polish painting meeting looks like:)
Hope you enjoyed it:)


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