Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tranzyt and Nemesor - wip pics 1.1


Please find attached below necron hereos few work in progress pics. At the beginning I was considering to paint Tranyt's coat on the back side with silvers. I've done it but the next day I found him very monotous. I've thinking about sinergy with the front side. Therefore I've decided to repaint it with Sotek Green paint. "Scales" was shaded with black and highlighted with Space Wolves Grey mixed with Temple Guard Blue. I've also apply red paint on the eyes section.

As for the Nemesor, greys were painted with Administratum Grey paint. Shading will be made with watered down black paint.

So far that's it. In the upcoming weekend I'll be working on those guys very hard. Another bunch of Necron Warriors are waiting for the painting. Thanks for watching.

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