Monday, August 26, 2013

Holiday = WIP time...

Hi there,
slowly it's getting closer to the end of my summer holiday. Few weeks more of doing nothing until the school starts. Yup, doing real nothing... From the painters point of view holiday sucks. I'm so lazy, I can't even menage to finish one single miniature. Everything is started and even more waiting to be done. I think it's because I got back to my family home and everything here is distracting me, friends, family, going skateboarding, watching TV etc.

This is my temporary paint station.

Few things I've started to assembly here, Space marine Stormtalon, Infinity Asuka Kisaragi and the brown and yellow boxes is the GK Nasca from e2046. When I'm not in the mood of painting I'm taking the tools and doing some relaxing prep work on these.

Two of my minis are close to be done.
Imperial Palace Guard 

Daemonic Kingdom Harbinger of Decay

Thats all for today,
How about your painting progress during holiday?
I hope to finish everything quick and show you the results!


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