Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finished project - 13 Necron Warriors


It's about time to post something on our blog. Hot temperature (more over 36 Celsius degrees)  didn't help while painting. I've manage to paint my last batch of the Necron Warriors to Necron army. It was my second attempt on so huge group of the same models... The light is near. Till the end of the project I've to paint 'only':
- three Annihilation Barges
- ten Immrtals with Tesla carbines
- eight hereos from hq section.
Only 21 models. In the upcoming week I'll focus all my attention on Kommandos Nob, which I've started last month. I'll also prepare three Barges. Below you can find few pics from warriors pack. Please forgive me low quality of the pics, but they were taken with iPhone.

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