Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luz - New York - WIP 1.3


It's me RED and I wanted to show you how my project looks like now. After the last update I decided to remake those leather parts that I didn't like and I wanted to add some more light to them. The effects you cans see for your selves. I hope you like where this project is going :P

I must work on her eyes to ad them more shine because now they are to dark. With this project the more I look on those photos the more things I find that need to be redone :P. Do you have similar problems ?? :D



  1. A real beautifull one. I am curious, how far you will go!

    1. I'm happy you like her. I finished her today but I will post some photos next week because I want to make some good photos and my friend will make them. So check our blog next week to see the finished miniature. BTW a have seen your bloog and your Eldar are cool. I’m a big Eldar fan so it was a pleasure for me :D.