Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fulgrim Commission - sort of a WIP :D


It's me REDAV. You will wonder why I'm painting this model because the last update about this one was from Loler. It's not common knowledge but Loler broke his painting arm and he was not fit to finish this project. We all told him that he should not play volleyball because he sucks so hard that he can break his hand doing it :P. I, as a good friend, wanted to help him and I'm finishing this one. So thats the story and you can see that this model looks like a mix of my and Loler's painting styles. As you can see this is a finished model but I have to paint the original scenic base for this model and it will take me some time. So here are some photos. 

So I hope you will like this project and stay tuned for the finished project. Any comments are welcome as always.

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