Thursday, January 23, 2014

Infinity ALEPH Deva Functionaries - WIP 1.0


Here you have a little WIP of my recent work. I'm painting two Deva Functionaries for my Infinity ALEPH army. I know that it’s to much for playing purposes but I have much fun painting those tiny models and it’s a nice way to practice some details. I hope to finish them next week so I can paint something serious at last. The second Deva need's some more work to finish. Here you have some photos.

So how do like them ?? All comments are welcome as always.



  1. Damn! How you make such smooth paint?!

    1. Hi, I didn't notice this comment earlier so sorry for the late reply. I made those transitions using glazes. It takes some practice but the effects are very good so check out this technique. If you will have some questions feel free to ask.