Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tram ride


Yesterday I posted my Blood Master. Many people liked, sent me messages and I wanted to say I'm very grateful for all the feedback I recieve.

Today I wanted to tell you a short story that happened right after I got back from Hussar 2013:)

I think I should start with the Hussar itself. A great competition with lots of epic people entering. With Dexter and Skelettet S we traveled there and spent a nice weekend, but to be frank, haven't slept well in any night (trip, Bohun party etc). So we were extremely tired the whole time. So after we finally got to Wroclaw (a cite where I live) we were happy that soon it would be possible for us to just get some rest. I said goodbye to Stefan, as he headed to the airport (but his flight was cancelled later, so he came back to my house :D). I got to tram and started to head to my flat. Had to change the tram as the one I was in used some different route. I got out of it and started waiting for another. And realized something. Because of all the tiredness, and my private clumsiness I somehow left one of my bags in the tram. The bag with my entries, but what's most important- with The Blood Master. I started running in the direction the tram drove, but it was far to late to catch it. Terrified and extremely angry at myself I continued to run, looking for some taxi. I came across a gas station with a taxi guy eating hot dog, told him I need his help immediately. We started to drive but none of us new the route of the tram. He started calling his taxi friends for some help, but they couldnt help us as well. We were driving in the possible direction of the tram for several minutes. I started to lose faith. The cab driver somehow suddenly realised where the tram will have stop, so he took some better route to that place, hoping that we would get there first. We got to the tram stop almost the same time as the tram with the number I was traveling in. Got out of the cab, run straight to the tram, and there it was. My bag laying where I left it, waiting for me. Got back to taxi, drove home. I was so happy to get back my Demon back. And tired after everything. With so many emotions I managed to leave my coat in the cab and in the end I lost sth anyway. But I was happy :D
Moral of the story? Never leave your miniatures in tram ;D

Just wanted to share this with you. A short trip my demon had, after the Hussar:)
hope you enjoyed it!

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