Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dark Vengence Lord Kranon - ready to fight :D


I have finished my latest project and here you have some photos. I wanted him to be in line with a Black Legion theme as my latest Aspiring Champion. I know the armor is not black but I hope it's very reflective and that was my goal. Originally I wanted the armor to be a little dirty and worn as I wanted to make some freehands on the cloak but I decided to make him clean because there is so many details on this miniature that more of them would probably make too much. This one is intended as a playing miniature so I hope it will be visible on the table. There is a possibility that I will paint the Dark Vengeance Chosen Squad in those colors and then I will try to do some tutorials about the armor and other stuff.
I hope you like this one and any comments are welcome as always so enjoy.