Friday, May 2, 2014

Lootpile brushes review


Some time ago I had a chance to try out new brushes by (check out their facebook page >>here<<).

There are two lines of brushes on . Synthetic (with orange marker) and natural sable (green marker). There are a lot of different sizes, starting from 000 ending on 8. Also there are flat shaped brushes, which I found really good.

First I grabbed a natural sable brush.

Tried some glazing here on a sheet of paper and then on some miniature. Unfortunately for me they were too soft and the peak of the brush didn't last long enough.

The brush after few glazes:

Then I went for synthetic brushes. I don't normally paint with this kind of sable but I had to check it out anyway:) As it turned out they are really good! The pick is nice, sharp after many glazes. If you are looking for synthetic brushes (for example for painting with alcohol based paints) then check out I recommend.

Also, as I mentioned earlier there are also flat shaped brushes. Before I've tested them I thought they would be unpractical and I didn't really care about the outcome. But after I tested I changed my mind. Good product, great for painting large surfaces. When you are painting large areas with no airbrush you often want to use some big brush. The problem with big brushes is that they soak a lot of paint into them, much more than you might want to use. But here, the problem is solved, because you get a really wide brush which in the same time thin, so it takes normal portion of paint and does the work of a bigger brush very well.

The contact with the owner is really good, you can talk to him, he will reply. The online shop is in few languages and you can pay in different currencies.

To sum up. offers you a wide variety of brushes (and other products like paints and organisers). I didn't like natural brushes but the synthetic came out really nice. The prices aren't high, so you can test them yourself and see if you like them.