Friday, July 23, 2010

Baals in progress II

Hi. Me again. Gimiak

I did small progress with my Baals. I finally manage to rip off all of the masquing fluid from all parts of my tanks and started to paint 'highlights' on the bottom of chipped paint. Below you will find few pics showing you how to achieve this effect. If you're working with non black base you schould also consider to paint dark thinly line on the upper sections

I'm hoping to find enought time in upcoming weekend to push my tanks further.

I'm also consider to change color scheme on sponsons from black to 'rusty' on all three Baals. It might look nice. I'll paint one and check how does it look in 'real' life. Here's an example.


  1. This finish is awesome, want to work with this on my armoured armies.
    I dont have access to a spray gun at the moment, but have considered either buying the correct coloured sprays from cans or just painting for the the base colour and first colour of armour.
    Which method would you say is better?

  2. In my humble opinion spray gun is a waste of money, even the cheapeast airbrush is a better choice. I use Citadel Sprays and nowadays they have only Chaos Black and Skull White but maybe there are some other companies which gave more options for sprays.

    I will work on my Baals this weekend and really hope to finish them on Saturday. So stay tuned!