Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Painting Baals with airbrush, next step of weathering

Hi, me again. Gimiak

Yesterday it was a nice day for painting. Especially for me, I don't know what think about it my naighbors. I was using my airbrush till 23:30. Hope they didn't hear. ;)
And yes, I have finally paint all the red parts. As you see on pic below I'm painting my tanks in spares. Usually people glue tank spares together and then paint the whole model. Before I started to paint I was thinking about it but in the end I decided that 'my way' will be ok. I'll be able to paint all the elementes without any problems.

Working on weathering...
Ok, now I'm able to continue my small weathering tutorial. When paint on all of the elements dry I've started to put off Masquing Fluid, which was appllied after priming with Chaos Black spray.

After taking off (with Blu Tack or similar putty) fluid elements, elements should look like shown on pic below.

I will describe next step probably tomorrow just after I take off all masquing fluid from all of the elements and this could take few minutes. Some may say that black 'metal' looks unnatural, but... it's from 41 Millenium. Personally I don't like the silver base for weathering.

'Almost' Assebled Baal Predator tank.

Long way to the top.

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