Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exhaust rusty effect

Hi. Gimiak here.

I don't know what my other buddies from TBB do but it looks that sunny summer took took them to cold water... It looks that I'm the only one who's painting... Shame on you guys!

Anyway I've finally start painting my Baals. After priming with Chaos Black spray I've start painting my rusty effect on engine exhausts. I've change my method a little bit. After prming I start to stipple with Tin Bitz paint...

My next step using the same method was pure Shining Gold.

The last coat was a small amount of Mithril Silver.

It's time for new aproach. When the last layer was dry I've put some Art Masking Fluid (purchased in local art shop). I've used an old car sponge with big slots and start to work with masking fluid.

Masking Fluid dry in seconds but after applying it from the bottle it should looks like this. If you haven't try it, I recommend you to try.

This weathering method is pretty simple and looks very cool. It will take me a couple of days to apply Scab Red... Painting red on black is a horrible.

Stay tuned for more. Totally. ;]

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