Sunday, March 6, 2011

Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator step by step - part four

Hi folks,

Hope you liked my previous posts. Today is the forth article about painting a Space Wolvie. This time I'll show you how I paint fur and wolf skin. I've choosen darker color scheme for fur, bleached skin (inner section of the fur) was painted in lighter tones.

I've started with basecoating the whole area with Scorched Brown.

Next with Dark Flesh paint I've painted all the convex area.

Next-to-last coat on the fur was Vermin Brown, only the top convex elements vere painted.

As for the bleached skin... On the beginning I didn't have bloody idea how to paint it. I only knew that this element should be lighter. I've started with Tallarn Flexh foundation paint.As a whole, this model is a big experiment for me and my painting skills.

When first coat dried, I've applied watered down Dark Flesh paint in the recesses.

Next, I've watered down Leviatan Purple wash and also apply it on recesses in skin section.

When watered dawn leviatan purple wash dried, I've started with highlightning the whole skin area. I've mixed Tallarn Flesh with Fortress Grey and apply this mix on all conveses.

In the meantime I've added more Fortress Grey and a little bit Bleached Bone to the previusly created mix  and apply this mix in the upper sections on all convexes. The last coat was pure watered down Bleached Bone paint in the upper sections of the skin convexes.

Hopefully my instruction were clear for you and you will be able to recreate my method on your models. If you will have some questiuons, write them in the comment section. I'll try to answer ASAP. In my next post I'll show you how have I painted all of the metal (silver and gold) sections. Till the end of this tutorial there will be four sections: painting all the crux terminator insygnia, painting head, shading armour and preparation and painting base.



  1. This guy is amazing. He's shaping up to be brilliant. Seeing the scheme drawing together is fantastic.

  2. Nice to hear it, that someone like it. ;)