Friday, July 15, 2011

Nork Deddog - first wip pics


On the beginning quick note - DC Dread is finally finished. Last shots of this furious war machine. I know that I could paint it further but for the gaming purposes it really fine for me. ;)

As for the ogre Nork Deddog, this week I've started painting this oldtimer. So far only right hand with gun is almost finished. I've to work harder on the skin. As for the rest of the miniature, as you can see on the attached pictures only few elements are finished. I'll publish more pictures after upcoming weekend.

Thanks for watching, regards.


  1. simply stunning as always! however that dread for gaming!? the thing i golden demon standard!


  2. Liked the idea of light blue prayers. Looks unsual, but quite eye catching

  3. Fuzz: A good joke my friend. A real good one.
    Maectpo: I wanted to try something new, seals in Bohun style.