Thursday, July 7, 2011

Death Company Dreadnought wip - part 4

Hi there,

Within this week I've find some time for painting my DC Dreadnought. It's going slowly forward. I've decided to try different Purity Seals pattern on this model. GW's Jade Green paint was used as a base. Seals are not finished yet, but the color so far suits me well. Today I'll work on this model for couple of hours, so expect some wip pictures in near future. I'm preaty sure that on Friday night I'll finish painting my dreadnought. That will be good because I really wanted to start something different and new in next week. So there will be race against the time - 7 days for my lazy ogryn painting. ;)

I need at least two DC Dreadnoughts for my army project, but next DC dread will have to wait a month or two. I still have to paint a regular dreadnought and Sternguards.

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  1. very nice it seems gritty and realistic! good work! :D