Thursday, June 30, 2011

Death Cult Assassins


Grey Knights army got many interessting units to hire from the new codex. One of them are Death Culs Assassins from Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband. With two power weapons, four attack on charge with initiative and weapon skill 5 there are a one good killing unit. If you add Inquisitor with rad and psychotroke granades and Hammerhand and up to four Crusader the unit becomes very effective. But there is a hidden hint behind it... GW have relases only 2 design, in fact only one is legal (the one with two weapons). Two models in one blister for around 9GBP is IMHO an expensive option if you would like to hire them in your army...

Alternativly you can purchase Dark Eldar Wyches and buy additional right arms with blades to create a very nice looking and cheap Death Cult Assassin unit. Additional army could be taken from DE Venom, DE Raider and DE Revenger. Below you can see how does this unit could look like.

Maybe you got other ideas how to build Death Cult Assaissins. It will be nice if you could share some ideas. ;)



  1. u could cut off those spikes. without them i think they'd look much less dark elvish (now they look exactly like witches)

  2. I think Czys is right with this one. They will look better with ought those spikes and additionally I would change all heads to faceless masks so they would look more human than dark elf.

  3. some of the spikes are too DE and some of the hair is too odd BUT i think the blank faceplates would be the perfect place for a =][= symbol or a aquilla!


  4. Where do you get, how you did, the right arms with CC weapons?

  5. Check DE Raider, Ravenger and Venom crew for right arms with blades. ;)

  6. Thanks. Btw, awesome blog. :)