Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GK Paladin Squad - at last I made some progress :D


Last month I had a painting brake and I didn't have time to paint and post something. I managed to finish renovating my kitchen and now I have some time to paint those terminators. I wanted to say you that painting five terminators using NMM takes so much time that I wont do it again hehe. Here you have some photos to see how they present themselves now.

I started the forth terminator and at this stage I managed to finish his legs. I hop to finish those silver NMM's by the end of the week and then I will paint some gold.



  1. woah dude that silver NMM is amazing!!! im really looking forward to these when they are done!

  2. Yeah far out, that colour is sweet. I almost don't want to see it as NMM but more of a really amazing blueish-grey paint job.

    Top class work though, the blending is perfect! I wish I had a 10th of your ability!