Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some thoughts on Finecast and a progress photo of my Paladins.


At last I got my hands on some Finecast models and confront them with that what I heave read about them for past weeks. The first thing I noticed is that the material is light but it feels like rubber and this isn’t good. I showed them to my wife and she told me that it looks like cheap action figure for a kid :P. The good part in those models have better details and this is a good thing but there are many bubbles that you need to fill. Overall I am not impressed but I hope they will work on quality control and then those models will be ok.

As for my terminators I finished golden NMM parts and tomorrow I will paint some red elements.

I hope to finish them soon so stay tuned for more.

Loler told me that he will post some progress with his Harlequins this Monday :D.



  1. I think loler will most likely post sth tuesday, because we come back monday evening.

  2. how do you achieve your blends?