Thursday, March 14, 2013

Painted Necron Warriors


It took me a long time to finish these guys but I've finally made it. Not one, not two but 14 Necron Warriors are painted to the table top standard. Adding these pics to the blog I've realised that I've forgoten to add leakse here and there. I'll do this tomorrow. Looking at the whole army I've painted so far 65 models, only 35 more to the end (13 Warriors, 10 Immortals with tesla, 3 barges and heroes). Not so bad. ;) 14 models at-once was my first attempt with more models then 10. Actually it wasn't a good idea. At the end I was bored. For that reason my next aim is to paint three lords: Trazyn the Infinite, Nemesor Zahndrekh, Anrakyr the Traveller. Models are cleaned and waiting for assembly and refilling holes with liquid green stuff. Failcast quality of two of them is really bad. Expect more pics in near future.

I've also repaint on of the blade elements on my Vargard Obyron. There was a gold element near the sphere. I thought that silver will suit better. Hope you like it.

Now I'm going back to the necronish tomb. Till next time.

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