Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vargard Obyron


Today I want to share with you with my recently painted model. Actually it's the 51 Necron model painted for the gaming purpose. Only 49 left till summer holidays. ;) Anyway, I wanted to keep some of the original GW painting scheme and change few colors here and there. All of my legendary heroes will share a mix of original GW's painting scheme. I just didn't want to paint all the models... blue. As for this little guy, my aim was to create a more sinister and darker version of the Vargard Obyron. It was an good example for me and my painting skills. I wanted to try again blending (grey elements) and silver shading.

For the couple of weeks I've been cleaning, assembling and painting Necron Warriors, so you can expect that in around one week I'll share with you with my army's troops. Right now I'm painting first batch of the Necron Warriors - 14 models.

Till next time.

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