Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Because life isn't only about painting...

...it's also boardgames and wargames. Last weekend we had a little meeting with some of our TBB squad and one none TBB (but still a nice guy) friend :D (that would be Jacob- cheers man!). We met to play some games, drink beer and have fun. Everything went according to our plans:) We even thought about our dear 
 readers! Redav made a step by step tutorial on how to paint tractor!

Czys (left) and Redav (right) and his "oh, stop it you" face :D

there goes the tutorial!!

 1. make some weird Redav-like face and prepare your painting device.

2. Start painting the ground with a big square thingy.

 3. With the round thing paint the wheels. Be careful here, you will need some real precision here as you dont won't to end up with some potato shaped wheels.

4.Paint a basic shape of your tractor. No details here, just a basic concept.

 5. Now the hard part. OSL, paint your lights and carefully highlight every area nearby the source light.

6. Details. This is extremely important part. Many people while painting their tractors seem to forget about it and end up with some unrealistic results.

 7. Paint a mushroom shaped pipe on the front size of your truck. Now its done!!

 I also did a quick freehand.
 and another!

An awesome dinosaur attacking Jacob!

 Luk arrives.
 Let us begin the nerdy stuff.
First an Arkham game. Really awesome game in Cthulhu universe:)

 Sth terrible happened!:o
 Mold lines. Mold lines everywhere

 Best part of the evening. Spilled some drink on Redav. Totally worth it.

That would be all. We had some great time. Definitely will do that again!


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