Monday, December 16, 2013

Kommandos Ork Nob wip 1.2

As promised I would like to share with you with my latest wip pic from the Kommandos Nob. Around end of a week I'll publish the final version with painted backpack. Additionally I'll put also my recipe for colors used on this model, so stay tuned!


  1. Sublime. Makes me want to get on with my Orks... must... resist...

    finish wolves..... wait for new.. ork.. codex...

    I love the colour combinations you use, little accents just set the figure off, Kudos.

  2. This guy is a brake-off project. I still have to finish Necrons - 10 Immortals. After Nob I'm going to continue painting orcs, not for the army but for my self, Ghazghkull Thrakka and Kommandos with Burna. Next two projects. Both sharing Bad Moonz clan colors. As for ghaz, the Goof version, will be presented in around 2 quarter 2014. I've an idea with a nice diaroma/duel with Yarrick. :) Stay tuned.

  3. PS: On the beggining I was afraid about the yellow, it was to conspicuous. But after shadeing and highlights it started to look consistent. I've got a lot of orks and grotz in my collection, so 2014 will be a 'green' year. ;)

  4. Nice, look forward to seeing them, I have one squad painted some time ago in bad moonz, one of the best colour schemes I think, once dirtied down like yours

  5. Really strong work there. I never realized how much character there were in ork sculpts!