Monday, April 4, 2011

Eldar Guardians are ready to defend the Craftworld.


I took me some time to finish this squad and I wanted to paint them on the same level as my Jet Bikers. I can say that it was a challenge for me bacause its not so simple to paint 10 models at once and not get bored painting. Here you have a photo o the finished squad with a Scater Laser weapon platform.

The next project on my workbench will be a Grey Knight Terminator for our Competition and I will make a step by step tutorial how to pain one so stay tuned for more.



  1. Hi

    I have been following your blog for a while, and really like the bases on your craft world elder particularly. I have tried to get a similar base but without any luck.

    Although I dont have any where near the experience or skill you do I keep practicing, and was wondering if you could breifly explain some of the steps you go through when making these bases.

    Thanks for the help,


  2. Hi

    For the bases I use GW basing kit Medium Basing Slate, some normal yellow sand (it can be found on a beach) and some GW Static Grass. First you glue the small rocks and then glue the sand (I use a glue called Wikol for this because its transparent when it dries an it has a nice consistency).
    To paint the base I use:
    - Charadon Granite as first color (it can be Graveyard Earth but then you must wash it with Delvian Mud),
    - then I dry brush the base with Graveyard Earth,
    - the next step is a dry brush with a 1:1 mix of Graveyard Earth and Bleched Bone,
    - and next is a very light dry brush with Bleched Bone,
    - to add some color verity you can make a dry brush of Catachan Green in some places of the base (I recommend near the rocks)
    And the last thing is to Glue the static grass and your bases are finished and don't forget to pain the sides of your bases so they will look clean (I paint mine black but other painters do them brown so its your choice)

    I hope this will help


  3. Hi

    Thanks for the detailed, and very quick reply.

    All the best

  4. WOW!!!!

    Seriously the nicest Guardians I have seen for a long time :D

    What colours did you use for the Guardians?

    Did you start with a white undercoat?

    Thanks for taking the time to share your work. Certainly a level of painting I aspire to ;)

    Happy painting,


  5. Hi,

    I'm happy you like them. For the undercoat I used white because the whole model should be very bright and this undercoat helps with it.

    The grey parts ware painted using an airbrush and then I corrected them manually. The colors ware:
    - Adeptus Battle Grey as base,
    - for the shadows I used a 1:1 mix of Adeptus Battle Grey and Chaos Black,
    - First highlight was made using a 1:1 mix of Fortress Grey and Adeptus Battle Grey,
    - next highlight was made using Fortress Grey,
    - then I used a 1:1 mix of Fortress Grey and Skull White to push the contrast even further,
    - final highlights ware made using Skull White.

    The green parts ware painted using:
    - Dark Angels Green as base color,
    - Okrhide Shade for Shadows and for deeper shadows Orkhide shade with Regal Blue,
    - first highlight was made with a mix of Dark angels Green with vallejo Goblin Green
    - then i used pure Goblin green,
    - the next step was a mix of goblin green and Rooting Flesh,
    - Final highlight was made with pure Roothing Flesh

    The blue stones and details ware painted using Necron Abyss as base and then I highlighted it to Enchanted Blue and finally to Skull White.

    If you have more questions about those Guardians fell free to ask.

    - RED