Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grey Knights competition 2011 plus some pictures


Hopefully you have started painting a Grey Knight terminator for our small international painting competition. My brothers didn't write anything about the offcial begining. Yes, on 8th April the Brush Brothers Grey Knight competition have started. You got time till the end of April to paint exactly one terminator with base. Please check rules for our competition clicking here.

As for me... due to my lack of time I was unable to paint anything in the previous period. I've only began working on my Assault Squad... Somewhat lazy...
Have you seen the new Grey Knight plastic kits? What do you think about them? I've purchased a copy of GK codex and after reading I've decided to start second army. Orks will be the thrid one. As for the new plastic kits, I've opened terminators and regular gk marines. Very nice spures with lot of options and some nice ornaments and purity seals. I've already cleaned and assaebled six paladins / terminators. Below are my proposals for assembling.

Sixth one I didn't show you, because he's not ready yet. Today I'll finish the last element of it and take a picture of him. The mini which I'm writing about will be my Chapter Master.


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