Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grey Knights Chapter Master painting tutorial (step by step) - part one

Hi there,

Today I would like to invite you to my next tutorial of a step by step painting. This time I'll paint from the start to the end a Grey Knights Chapter Master. Choosen miniature is a mixture of new plastic kit and a psycannon from the metal terminators. Everyday I'll show you new painting areas. Today it's the silver elements part.

I begun with undercoating the whole miniature with Chaos Black spray. When the spray dried I've applied a thin layer of Skull White sprayed horizontal.

Next I've applied a little bit watered down a Boltgun Metal paint on the whole armour.

Next a watered down Asurmen Blue wash was applied on the whole armour area.

Next I've applied a Badab Black wash.

After last wash dried and after looking at the first picture from above I've started to highlight areas with  watered down Chainmal paint. Mithril Silver paint was than applied on the very edges of silver armour.

And that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll show you how to paint gold elemets - ornaments, shoulder pads etc. So stay tuned for more.


Ps: Yesterday I could finally start to paint anything. During the last days I couln't find time to do anything. This weekend I've started with cleaning of my regular Grey Knights. Five are already prepared for battle. X)

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