Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Painting a Grey Knight Terminator - Silver Metallics


This step was experimental for me because for two years I painted mainly NMM and this was my first serious try to paint metallics. So here you have what I was able to do.

I experimented with some shading and directing the shining properties of metallic paints. You can do it by shading selected areas with some washes and in those places the metallic paint will lose its shine and will be darker.

As for the paints I used:
- Boltgun Metal as base,
- then I made a heavy wash with Dabab Black,
- the next step was to correct some places with Boltgun Metal,
- first highlight was made with Chainmail,
- and the final one was made using Mithril Silver.
- then I have done some shading to direct the reflected light and make some contrast and for this I used glazes of: Dabab Black Wash, Asurmen Blue Wash and a glaze I made from Vallejo Heavy Violet.

Let me know If you like the effect.



  1. nice! it looks like a sort of silver/gold rather than regular silver, but its a very nice effect!

    i cant wait to see it finished!