Tuesday, February 26, 2013

First TBB painting meeting

last sunday we met together to paint some models. In history, we all participated in some kinds of "public paintings" and we knew that this is very good idea. Not only you can show your mini during its painting and gain some realtime feedback about it, but also it was more motivating to paint for a longer time. As per usual I wouldn't make myself to paint for 5 hours straight, but this sunday I didn't noticed when all that time passed. It was very fun and inspiring to paint together in our small painting group.
If you ever have opportunity to do something like painting meeting, don't hesitate- its always worth to chat and learn something new during painting.
Below you can see some photos taken during that time:
Beginning- me trying not to spill anything on Gimiaks head (you can also see here his special black pillows that come under wrists or elbows)

Luk learning from Loler how to paint freehands

Redav edge highlighting :D

Redav was too big, and thus he had to keep his mini on knee. Also Loler shows here his hair and that he is almost blind.

Oppa painting style!

Effects of 5h meeting.

And thats for all.

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