Thursday, February 21, 2013

Luz New York - Review


Some time ago I bought a new model from Nocturna models. It is a new line of models based on artworks from Luis and Romulo Royo. Im a big fan of their artworks and when I saw this model I could not resist buying it :D

First of all this is a 1/12 - 70 mm resin model kit representing a character named Luz. The kit I sealed in a metal box with is very nice and consists of 7 resin pieces (including base) and a certificate.

The casting quality is very good and the details are very subtle and there ware almost no mold lines. This is my second contact with resin and the first was GW's failcast but here the resin is very good and there are no air bobbles so a big plus for that. The parts fit overlay good but not ideal. I know that I must use some green stuff to mask the links between parts but the cape and the head will be a different story, lucky nothing a cant handle. 

Here you can see some photos of the assembled model using bluetac.

I think this is a grate model and I'm positively surprised with the quality of this model. I will keep an eye on future Nocturna models because I can say their models are very good.

I think this model will be a true test for my painting skills and It wont be easy to paint. I hope to paint her this year maybe on a polish painting competition but time will tel. Now my son is a priority in my life and I have small amounts of time to paint but lets hope this will change :D.


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