Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old Industrial Floor

Hi all
I'll show you how to make an old industrial style base (60mm)
I used:
60mm standard base
Old hairbrush
Plasticard piece about 60x60mm
three-wire cable
Several single cables
0.5mm wire
8mm tube
A few sticks from lollipops
Metal netting with the old car air filter
cotton flakes

I started the construction of dismantling hairbrush to recover perforated sheet of metal. Then, using wires attached it to a standard base and cut to the shape of the base. Protruding parts match the design to the edge of the stand.

The next step was cutting plasticard to the size of a quadrangle with sides around 60x60mm. Metal grille with air filter I cut a similar but slightly larger size and glued to plasticard (super glue). When the glue has dried cut off protruding part of the grille.


Several single cables and sticks of lollipops, I wrapped a thin wire at varying intervals.


Tube and the rest of the cables, to cut a selected length.


Then I painted everything black primer. Round, a square base and a few other parts were painted using bound space of two shades of brown and orange - as a base rust.

 Using maskol I did chipping rust. In addition, three-wire cable and tube painted crackle medium. When everything has dried put on the base color to the elements.

  On the square base put on brown, and rust wash.

  Now is the time to put all the elements on a circular base. Once you have laid out how to arrange parts glued them using hot glue and super glue.

When the glue has dried combined the two bases together. Using oil paints finished the corrosion, added stuffings and stains.

At the end I added a spider web using the cotton fibers, which are then sprayed satin varnish.

Remained only attach our miniature.

And it looks like the model on finished base.

If you have any questions feel free to ask

I hope you liked my tutorial.



  1. Witam! Macie jakiegoś maila, na który mogę się z wami skontaktować panowie szlachta? ;) Mam pewną pilną, palącą sprawę!

    1. cześć,
      Jeśli w sprawach do nas wszystkich to polecam


  2. looks wicked and I love the way you made the platform

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  4. How did you do the crackling effect on the yellow cable?