Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blood Crushers - pics !

Hi there,

Yes, today you will witness our works from Blood Crushers competition. Click on the image below to see it in larger scale.

Yesterday I was worked on my Reclusiarch. Looking at progress I'm almost sure that this guy will be finished till Friday. In upcomining days I've to work on his armour, because I'm not satisfied with actual result. I've also try something new. You can see OSL on 'hot melta'. I thought that it'll be a cool idea to have a weapon with this effect.

Till next time.


  1. Guys, i love all 3 of the 'crushers! i've got three of em in front of me, and i'm a bit scared of starting them. I have a good airbrush and i'm not sure where to start, have any of you got any tips on painting these?



  2. Hi Carl. I also used an airbrush on my crusher, it really helps.
    I'll try to write sth tommorow

  3. Loler, you're a cheater! Even I didn't use airbrush with this one. :P

  4. Cheers mate, i've never been able to paint anything khorne well, i have no idea why, i've struggled with bloodletters, flesh hounds etc etc, Must be the red i'm scared of or something!

  5. Hi. As for tips and thoughts about painting bloodcrushers.
    I painted my bloodletter separetly from the beast. You can glue them first but I think that might not be really comfortable later.
    As a basecoat for jugger and the rider I used chaos black. Then, with airbrush, I painted the jugger with some dark red (not sure what paints I used...). But when airbrushing I was trying to leave some of the previous layer of paint in the shadows. What I mean I started to put on zenithal highlights. Then I sprayed some blood red, now only a little on the highest parts of the model. It then looked like shaded from blood red to chaos black. It was a good base for glazing everything with reds, blues and black. The rider was painted similar. Black basecoat, then some dark red, blood red, and to make it a little different than the beast I put some pink highlights on the bloodletter. And again started glazing...
    I hope that helps...
    regards, loler

  6. Great models!
    I wish i could paint up to this standard.
    I love the bases on first and second of Blood Crushers - could you share what are they made of ?

  7. The first one is my, so I can describe how have I done it. On the base I've used wood cube (6x6x6cm) from my shop (http://www.mrocznyraj.pl/sklep/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=303). I rip outer bondries with hobby knife and on the top I've put CSM Terminator display base from the plastic set and a lot of flat stones from GW Basing Kit. Nothing special. :)

  8. Thank you for the explanation. It sounds simple but it looks really great and it fits perfectly IMHO.