Thursday, October 28, 2010

Necron Lord - further vip

Hi there,

In last two weeks I didn't have enought time to paint or even clean anything. Yesterday it was the first day that I was able to grab brush in my hand and to start painting... something. And this something is Necron Lord. You probably don't see it on those pics but the armour is quite ... unusual. I wanted to achieve a little rusted metal effect, which in fact looks preatty cool on real model. His almost ready. I'll place him on a 60x60mm scenic base with few additional elements. This Friday night I want to finish this project for good. Of course some elements could be painted better but while working on this mini I wanted to practice green OSL and expand my glazing technique. I really hope that on Saturday night I'll be able to start painting my melta gunners from Assault Squad. Models are prepared for painting. I think I really have a desire to paint something... in bloody colors. ;)


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