Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blood tutorial

Hi, long time no see. Here's Czys. I’ve been lazy lately and couldn’t paint anything ;) ,so here I present you blood technic used on my last juggernat (you probably have seen it in Gimiaks post about our little competition. I have to say that this technique was shown me by Loler.

1. After painting the part of your mini which has to have blood on it, you simply put red paint (I used blood red). The best way for it would be to put in rather chaotic manner.

2. Using rather big amount of chesnut ink (or flesh wash) cover surface painted in step 1 and its surroundings. Also here I recommend that it doesn’t have regular shape.

3. Cover parts of the model which you don’t want to get dirty (you’ll understand after reading step 4)

4. In order to obtain effect of splattered blood you have to splash chesnut ink on some kind of paper clip (I’d recommend to use old brush). I couldn’t explain it even in my native language, so I made those photos, I think they are clear enough, if not, don’t hesitate to ask questions in comments.

I don’t recommend you to use mat varnish on it, because it will lose its juicy look.

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